About Me




MD, with 10 years of clinical practice as a neuropsychiatrist in Belgium (EU), and 15 years of experience as a physician working for the pharmaceutical and medical device industry with a specialty CRO in the US, French native speaker, truly bilingual and bicultural (EU-US), 5 years of translation experience EN<>FR as a freelance specializing in the following fields: medical, clinical, pharmaceutical, social sciences, movies (subtitles, scripts) and literary texts. 

Although living in the US for more than 20 years, I kept in close touch with my native French culture through reading books, newspapers (Le Monde Diplomatique), medical articles, and watching French television (TV5). I spend a great deal of my spare time watching movies/documentaries in French and in English. I also am an avid reader of French and English literature. I am currently perfecting my skills in literary translation (EN>FR) through a training offered by the CETL (Centre européen de traduction littéraire [European center for literary translation]).

In addition to the medical/clinical/technical ad hoc translations I have done during my work as a consultant for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, my interest in translation was (and still is) entertained by my desire to share good (not translated) French movies/articles/books with my American friends (and with our children whose main language is English, due to our move when they were little,) and doing the same, in reverse, for my French speaking family and friends. Due to the circumstances, I am daily navigating the two languages and cultures, and I find it fun and enriching.

I am very at ease with PC and Mac and their respective suites, and with a lot a different software applications. In the film domain, I have a little experience in camera operation, movie editing (final cut pro) and sound mixing. For subtitles, I am using 'Annotation Edit' and ‘Celtx’ for scripts.  I am using WordFast Pro as CAT tool and Antidote 8 as French editing software. I have a business quality internet connection. I am a self directed person, details et precision oriented, with no problem working under pressure, and committed to respecting deadlines.